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Jera Creative Agency

Jera Creatives is an agency that delivers professional services to organisations in the creative sector, that include professional, education and graduate students.  We also work closely with academic institutes on bringing creative students into the international arena in many ways, from education through to work experience.  Linked with high profile institutes across the United Kingdom, our team will ensure the match is right from client to client.

We also provide event management services from start to finish.  Our services also include supplying clients with hair, makeup, photographers and designers for their prestigious events.

Our team relish the challenges that some might find tedious or stressful by outsourcing services and will go above and beyond to work with the client. Our service covers all essential aspects of success, taking the pressure off having to outsource some areas of expertise to assist with your business needs, such as partnerships and through to creating a networking opportunity.
From the fashion runway to the studio our model and creative team provide an exceptional talent!



Creative Director

It started with a mum and daughter. Developing her daughters successful modelling career Cee developed the agency from strength to strength.  With years of experience, Cee is an international brand manager innovator, who works and collaborates with cutting edge fashion designers and creatives who design and create for celebrities and influencers worldwide. Cee has a true eye for beauty and stays on top of trends by constantly revitalizing her style and skills. 

Cee Langie...
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